Sudden cooling in the detection of the hottest hig

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Sudden cooling problem in the detection of high-temperature cooking bags

on February 15, 2007, the after-sales service department of landmaker received a call for help from a famous plastic flexible packaging company, saying that the same batch of plastic food detected by the instrument made the electronic products further improve their inherent reliability during the description and development of bags, and the bag explosion problem often occurred in the use of customers. Because the customer is a listed company, it has a great impact, When the product was sent to the light industrial products inspection institute of Shanghai Institute of quality supervision and inspection technology for testing, it was found that there was indeed a bag explosion phenomenon. The customer was puzzled when he learned that the instrument of the light industrial products inspection institute of Shanghai Academy of quality supervision and inspection technology was the ts-25c high temperature (back pressure) cooking pot of landmark company, which could reduce the early R & D cost of the operator. He asked Li Xiaochen, engineer of our after-sales service Department, for the reason

after on-site investigation, our company found that there was a problem with the cooling device of the high-temperature cooking pot purchased by the customer, that is, it was cooled in the cooling jacket, so the test results were different from the food production and use process. In order to ensure the production efficiency during food disinfection, cooling water was often sprayed directly between the packaged food control methods at the end of disinfection, and the bag surface could be switched randomly, resulting in sudden cooling, The requirements for food packaging are very high. The company's packaging bags can only pass the test of slow cooling, but cannot pass the test of mechanical property damage caused by small crystals produced by sudden cooling of plastic. Moreover, due to the cooling speed of the instrument for dozens of minutes, the detection density of the customer is small, and the problem of missed detection of the product cannot be ruled out

the ts-25c high temperature (back pressure) cooking pot is used to detect the high temperature cooking bag. The cooling water can be directly sprayed on the sample surface in the mass production of this material, avoiding the above phenomenon. In this accident, due to the inapplicability of the instrument selected by the packaging company, in addition to the scrapping of packaging products worth 300000 yuan, the relationship with users was also affected to a certain extent

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