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Successful trial production of ultra-thin films

recently, Jiangyin Meida new materials Co., Ltd. successfully trial produced 12 μ M BOPP ultra-thin film, after testing, all indicators have reached the standard. twelve μ M ultra thin film has a wide range of applications. It can not only be used in special fields such as paper plastic composite, but also support Chinese enterprises to participate in Malaysia's economic development plan and the construction of Youth City and other projects. It can be used in general fields such as printing. It has a broad market and strong demand, and has good economic benefits. 2. The problem of experimental journey. Due to the high production process requirements of this product, it is difficult to mass produce it on the large-scale production line, so there is no very mature manufacturer on the domestic large-scale production line at present. Meida company successfully pilot produced 12 μ M ultra-thin film, its various properties meet the requirements of customers. In the field of ultra-thin film, the price of hydraulic type is at least 10000 yuan higher than that of lever, which is almost at the forefront of the market

information source: Global flexible packaging industry

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