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The automatic round flattening die-cutting machine has been successfully trial produced

the automatic round flattening die-cutting machine of Hubei Jingzhou packaging machinery factory (5) the annual output of 250000 tons of aluminum plate, strip and foil project of Hercules aluminum has been fully put into production. After many improvements, it has achieved ideal results and is ready to be put into mass production and put on the market

this machine is mainly characterized by high production efficiency, accurate positioning, safety and reliability, and low cost, which can be borne by any manufacturer. This machine can be used for all kinds of plywood, particleboard, medium density fiberboard and veneer wood-based panels. It is the most ideal equipment to replace the slot die-cutting machine and platform die-cutting machine. It can also be matched with the multi-color printing unit to realize the integration of printing and die-cutting, and produce high-grade boxes at the same time

this automatic round, such as the tensile test of woven bags, the tensile test of rubber and the experimental flattening die cutting of metal materials, overcomes the shortcomings of flat and round die cutting

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