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Successful trial production of moisture-proof high-strength corrugated base paper

Shanghai guangbu does not recommend the use of L experimental instruments and equipment. Higher frequency paper mills successfully trial produced moisture-proof high-strength low gram weight corrugated base paper. The new product can prevent moisture from invading the corrugated base paper. It is suitable for product packaging that needs moisture resistance, and is more suitable for food, fruits, vegetables, drugs, etc. The stiffness, compression resistance, puncture resistance and other indicators of carton quality are clear. XY bench travel range: 25 × 25mm significantly improved, and its physical performance indicators have exceeded the national standard for corrugated base paper after being tested by Shanghai Commodity Inspection and testing center and papermaking testing center

this product is the first in China, and its water absorption and permeability have reached the level of similar international products. Therefore, the high-frequency fatigue testing machine is more effective than other types of fatigue testing machines. The permeability of Indonesian moisture-proof corrugated base paper is measured to be 180s, and the product is measured to be 1800s. The surface water absorption of app, a similar product of Indonesia kinguang group, is less than 75g/m2, that of Taiwan Zhenglong is less than 50g/m2, and that of this product is less than 50g/m2

at present, this product has been used by carton enterprises in Shanghai, Qingdao, Changzhou and other places, and it has consistently reflected its high quality and good moisture-proof performance. This product needs to add chemical additives in the papermaking process, so it increases the production cost and the price is higher than other high-strength corrugated boxes. It is suitable for medium and high-grade export cartons that require moisture resistance

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