Successful trial production of nodular iron castin

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Sinosteel hengzhong successfully trial produced nodular iron castings for wind power equipment generators

Sinosteel hengzhong casting and forging company used nodular iron for the stator and rotor of wind power equipment generators trial produced by Xiangdian wind energy to achieve finished product delivery, Through Beijing Aerospace Wanyuan Industry Co., Ltd. and the motor business department of Xiangtan Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., its ultrasonic flaw detection and ultra-low temperature environment "At present, according to the impact energy test, the density of its castings has reached the en12680-3 secondary standard through ultrasonic flaw detection, -4 ② the impact energy of 0 ℃ ultra-low temperature environment of domestic waste plastics meets the requirements of en1563 standard, and other properties fully meet the requirements.

Xiangtan Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the domestic large-scale wind power equipment manufacturing industry. Since 2008, Sinosteel hengzhong casting and Forging Co., Ltd. has invested about 10million yuan to trial produce wind power products for it It has successfully produced more than 130 sets of high-quality small wind power products such as blade flanges, brake rings and brake discs. It took only three months from September to December last year to complete the trial production of two sets of key wind power parts engine room, wheel hub and conical support at one time. The company continues to seize the domestic high-end wind power product market with high quality and high technology

the nodular iron stator and rotor of wind power equipment motor belong to high toughness ferrite nodular cast iron. Due to its special installation location, it has high requirements for the compactness and low temperature (ultra-low temperature) impact toughness of castings. Its manufacturing technology is currently owned by only a few enterprises in the international market, and only two prototypes are currently operating in Italy. Gonggaxue's main business is the R & D, production and sales of heavy calcium carbonate powder. At the beginning of May this year, when the trial production of two top domestic wind power casting enterprises has not been successful for half a year, the casting and forging company resolutely accepted the trial production task of Xiangdian wind energy subcontracting Beijing Aerospace Wanyuan Industry Co., Ltd. for the key components of wind power equipment generator stator, rotor ductile iron castings and battery industry reshuffle

this time, the casting and forging company invested an additional trial production cost of more than 1 million yuan to form a project research team. Without any external technical support, through arduous research, it took only three months to deliver the trial production finished products of stator and rotor ductile iron castings, and it was successful at one time. The trial production of wood mold and sand box production, modeling and smelting pouring, finishing and other processes took only one month to complete

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