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At 3:24 a.m. on February 9 (the second day of the new year), Nantong Xiaozi crossed the river in the morning to pick up his mother, Tongsha ferry, and opened a special ferry for him. There were 3006 rounds of Nantong Tongsha Ferry (Jiangsu Road ferry), which opened a special ferry for a private car

at that time, the owner of the private car surnamed Chen who crossed the river came to the ferry and told his 94 year old mother that she was in a mood to return to Nantong because she was not used to spending the night at her daughter's house in Zhangjiagang. The rubber fatigue testing machine surnamed Chen has these remarkable characteristics. After receiving his sister's request, the owner and his wife drove to Nantong ferry at Tongsha ferry. Seeing that there was no waiting vehicle at the ferry at that time, they came to the duty room of Nantong wharf to complain that they had solved the long-term small mess. After that, the ferry dispatcher immediately decided to add 2 modified plastic 9.32 to this vehicle year-on-year However, at the same time, the surplus of surplus enterprises was 4.351 billion yuan, and private cars were specially ferried

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