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Solvay polymers have greatly reduced the cost of medical devices. For 25 years, Solvay polymers, a supplier of high-performance thermoplastic materials, has always played an active role in the market of metal substitute materials. With its unique knowledge and skills, it has completed case studies through innovative business means to help customers understand the price and performance advantages of high-performance polymers in the field of medical devices

this case focuses on 1. Sealing experiment: the sealing strength can be obtained by using the sealing experiment. It is made of ixef para and avaspire Paek resin to replace metal instruments. 1. The electronic tensile testing machine is divided into tensile test, pressure test, zigzag test, shear test, 90 peel test, 180 peel test, deflection test, change test, fatigue test, tear test, stiffness test, ring stiffness test Static stiffness test, process test, bursting test, puncture test, cycle test, safety test, endurance test, high temperature test, low temperature test, high and low temperature test, protective test, limiting test, impact test, ball drop test, hardness test, bonding strength test, bolt tensile test, joint tensile test, sealing strength test, bonding strength test, etc; The application of disposable and reusable surgical retractors

Mr. danewaund, global market manager of Solvay polymer medical applications, said: "for those who are used to using or designing metal medical devices, it is a big challenge to use plastic as the designated material of medical devices. In order to help customers achieve this transformation, we have conducted in-depth research on terminal use, Biosafety and economy, and developed practical metal material alternatives."

waund pointed out that seamless steel pipe material can be used to make its oil cylinder. Under the ambient temperature conditions, high-performance polymers not only have the same strength and rigidity as some metals, but also have many advantages. First, we should consider whether the local device of the main body of the experimental machine is vertical. High performance polymers have price advantages, improve aesthetics, and have ergonomic improved design including a variety of grip options. High performance polymers can be colored, and can be made into medical devices of different colors, which can be quickly and easily identified in the operating room

hohmann retractor is a popular medical device in the field of surgery. It has high requirements for mechanical load and other materials, so it has become the object of case study of metal material substitution. Ixef para is used for disposable medical devices with outstanding strength, hardness, surface finish and gamma ray sterilization applicability. The strength and stiffness of ixef para surpass competitive thermoplastic materials including carbon fiber reinforced peek. The design of plastic instruments can obtain performance characteristics comparable to those of stainless steel products. The material adopts injection molding technology without cutting, which reduces the cost compared with stainless steel materials

for reusable devices, avaspire Paek has a series of advantages, including superior stiffness to weight ratio, hydrolytic stability at high temperature, excellent chemical resistance, excellent aesthetics and colorability

the reusable retractor has strict requirements on stiffness, strength, and the applicability of disinfection and steam sterilization. Therefore, avaspire Paek has become an ideal material for this product. The material is easy to process and can produce slender instruments through injection molding

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