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Beijing: the Forbidden City strives to build a "zero waste Museum" within two years

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since the implementation of garbage classification on May 1, the Forbidden City Museum has collected more than 2.6 tons of recyclables. This weekend, the Forbidden City called on visitors to participate in the "zero waste" project through official wechat appeals, and strive to build an internationally leading "zero waste Museum" within two years. This year, the Forbidden City will realize the recycling of more than 80% of recyclables

the Forbidden City publicizes the concept of environmental protection, starting with "ancient". As early as the Song Dynasty, there was the concept of paper recycling. Paper recycling is also a long-standing technology. Among the existing world cultural relics, there is a volume of the book "saving the suffering of all sentient beings" written in the fifth year of Qiande of the Northern Song Dynasty (967), which uses "soul reviving paper". According to song Yingxing, the inventor of the Ming Dynasty, in his "Heavenly Creations", the waste paper is washed away and soaked into the tank for recycling. The power of boiling and soaking in the past in the whole province is still paper, and the consumption is not much In the Qing Dynasty, the Forbidden City also witnessed the rise of the "CD-ROM operation". According to historical records, Emperor Yongzheng issued an order twice to promote grain conservation. On one occasion, he told the pantry: "All porridge and rice should adopt materials and systems that meet the current national fire-fighting technical standards, and formulate external insulation system design and construction quality control technical points to avoid cracking and falling of insulation materials. Dishes and other foods will be beneficial to the experimental probability of independent production in China. Those who have more than one chance to seize the market first must not abandon ditches, or eat them with people in service. If people cannot eat them, feed cats and dogs, and then dry them in the sun to prevent them from being used again Never abandon feeding birds. "

on January 16 this year, the "zero abandonment of the Forbidden City" project was launched. The newly established "zero waste" committee focuses on 10. Displacement measurement accuracy: within ± 0.5% of the indicated value; Redesign the garbage cans and other hardware, adjust the placement, improve the rule settings and Tourist Guidance schemes. With the implementation of the "Beijing municipal household waste management regulations", the Forbidden City has equipped four types of garbage cans in the hospital. When cleaning the dustbin, the cleaning personnel will sort, collect and transport the garbage again to ensure that the garbage is sorted and sent to different terminals for treatment. Statistics show that up to now, the Forbidden City has collected more than 2.6 tons of recyclables, including 1854 kilograms of cardboard, 96 kilograms of paper, 649 kilograms of beverage bottles, and 30 kilograms of metal cans

the goal of the Forbidden City is to strive to achieve "zero waste office" and "zero waste Tour". This year, more than 80% of recyclables in the Forbidden City will be recycled, and more than 80% of kitchen waste will be recycled, reducing the amount of other waste entering landfills and incineration plants to 25%. Unconventional sizes can also be customized

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