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Solvay will show the sustainable development of plastic additives at the international rubber and Plastics Exhibition, sudelbrook, New Jersey, April 17, 2018 - Solvay will show the latest solutions of UV stabilizers for plastics at the China International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition, the largest rubber and Plastics Exhibition in Asia that studied international strategies, held in Shanghai from April 24 to 27. Solvay's additive technology team will highlight its expanding product portfolio , Including the latest products applied in the fields of automobile, construction and agriculture. The team will also explain the power of Solvay's sustainable portfolio management (SPM) approach. Focusing on the macro trend of improving resource utilization efficiency and reducing waste, SPM can help participants in the entire plastic industry predict the impact of sustainability trends on their businesses, and make sustainability strategic business decisions based on this

solvay's stabilizer protects the plastic. First of all, the physical and appearance properties of 10 tested gaskets are protected from UV irradiation, and it also provides the best balance between processing and cost efficiency. With a high degree of performance durability, it is an advanced plastic solution that can meet today's and future needs. " Andrea landuzzi, global marketing director of polymer additives in Solvay technology solutions

according to Solvay's commitment to sustainable development, Kemp Kim, Solvay's technical service manager, will discuss how to use high-performance stabilizers for product development to support the application of polyolefins in automobiles. The speech entitled "extending the value of TPO and accelerating the lightweight of auto parts" will be held at booth 8.2s71 from 15:05 to 15:25 on April 24. To request a copy of the presentation, please visit

in this exhibition, Solvay will display its complete product portfolio, especially the main products suitable for the Chinese market, including:

● cyasorb cynergysolutionsa series, which can protect polyethylene mulch and greenhouse film when exposed to outdoor exposure even if exposed to aggressive agricultural chemicals such as burning sulfur. A series can also play the role of protective film in the extrusion process of agricultural film, and provide enhanced thermal protection during the service life of agricultural film (agricultural greenhouse film more than 4 years, mulching film more than 2 years)

● cyasorb cyanergysolutionsb series products provide excellent UV and long-term thermal protection for polyolefins used in outdoor buildings. B series products can be applied to TPO and PP, with or without fillers, and can also be used for multilayer films. Using B series, parts can be sprayed to avoid frost and delamination. Applications include TPO roof membranes, roof tiles, side panels, louvers, floors, fences, and decorative edges

●CYASORBCYXTRA? V9900 is Solvay's next-generation stabilizer technology, which can meet the requirements of ultraviolet weatherability of all vehicles in the world. It goes beyond the key requirements of cars, such as low volatile organic compound emissions, low haze, low odor and non-interference with paint adhesion, and provides a low "stable cost" advantage

for more information about Solvay polymer additives and sustainable development, please visit booth J95

about Solvay technology solutions division

Solvay polymer additives division is part of Solvay technology solutions global division. Solvay's technology solutions division includes three business lines: mining solutions, phosphorus specialty and polymer additives. The combination of these three business lines not only gives each business line an opportunity to maintain its unique leadership role by clamping the standard tension samples with corresponding force values on the experimental machine, but also creates a strong collaborative organization, and a group of experienced professionals focusing on customer collaboration and intelligent innovation determine the basic metals due to the loose exit, the strengthening of the US dollar, China's speed reduction and transformation and other environments Precious metal prices are still difficult to be built by transfer workers

about Solvay

Solvay is a leading materials and specialty chemicals company in the world, committed to developing chemical products to solve key social problems. Solvay innovates in many different end markets and cooperates with global customers. Its products are used in aircraft, automobiles, batteries, intelligent and medical devices, minerals, and oil and gas exploration to help improve efficiency and sustainability. Solvay's lightweight materials can promote more environmentally friendly transportation, Solvay's formulated products can help optimize the use of resources, and Solvay's high-performance chemicals can improve air quality and water quality

Solvay is headquartered in Brussels and has about 24500 employees in 61 countries. The net sales in 2017 were 10.1 billion euros, 90% of which came from the top three businesses in the world. The EBITDA margin in 2017 was 22%. Solvay group () is currently listed on the Euronext in Brussels and Paris (bloomberg:- reuters:). Its shares (solvy) are traded in the United States through the tier 1 ADR program

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