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Plastic bottle gorgeous turn: 4 plastic bottles incarnate 1 umbrella cloth

4 plastic bottles = an umbrella cloth


A better marketing atmosphere is coming

OK! There is a picture and a truth

an umbrella cloth can be made with four plastic bottles

the lens turns to a resource recycling company in Quangang

gunny bags are piled up in the production workshop like hills, and inside the gunny bags are all kinds of broken plastic bottles. At present, black umbrella cloth is being produced

fine silk is made into finished fabrics with no printing and dyeing and excellent color fixation effect

Xie Lifeng, deputy general manager of the company, said that black cloth has no requirements for the color of plastic bottles. If you want to create: adjust the scope range of the oscilloscope first, w=wb=w1=0.2g2/hz fa=10hz fb=20hz f1=1000hz f2=2000hz. The color of the cloth produced can be found directly from the color of the plastic bottle, so there is no need to add color masterbatch

after processing and manufacturing into colored environmental protection filaments

the first step is of course cleaning. Workers pour plastic bottle fragments into the cleaning machine to completely remove impurities. Then the raw materials entered the production process of developing printing materials for HP's Jet fusion 3D printer. When the plastic bottle fragments appeared in front of us again, they had become extremely thin black silk

this thin silk thread is composed of 72 small threads, which can only be seen clearly with a microscope thousands of times

workers smash the plastic bottles and then wash them.

after the plastic bottles are turned into silk threads, everything is simple. After 1500 such silk threads are warped and combined, they can be woven. Finally, in front of us are black Oxford fabrics. It is said that four ordinary sized plastic bottles can make an umbrella cloth

it is reported that their enterprise consumes about 700million plastic bottles every year and produces 3300 tons of cloth. The generation of 1 ton of polyester oxford cloth can save 6 tons of oil resources, 50 tons of printing and dyeing water, reduce the discharge and treatment of 50 tons of printing and dyeing wastewater, reduce the consumption of 4 tons of pilot steam, reduce the consumption of 2 tons of coal, reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide by 48 kg, reduce the emission of smoke and dust by 60 kg, and reduce the slag by 288 kg

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