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Plastic bags made in Chongqing have won a well-known trademark in the industry

if you have purchased goods in local supermarkets such as Chongbai, Xinshiji, Yonghui, and chongkelong, you may have used plastic bags produced by Chongqing Lianfa; Most of the plastic shopping bags of Wal Mart, Carrefour, PARKnSHOP, China Resources Vanguard, Watsons, etc. in China are also made by Chongqing Lianfa. Chongqing plastic bags occupy a large part of the market share of the national supermarkets, which can be said to dominate the country

a number of plastic bag enterprises delisted

five years ago, a paper plastic restriction order caused an uproar in the domestic plastic bag industry and pushed the plastic bag industry to the forefront of the storm

according to the plastic bag industry standard, the thickness of each plastic bag should not be less than 0.012 mm, and the new plastic restriction order requires that plastic bags must have degradable standards to eliminate white pollution. All plastic bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm are not allowed to be listed, and a large number of domestic plastic bag enterprises are delisted because of this threshold

the most shocking event was the closure of Henan Huaqiang Plastic, the largest plastic bag manufacturer in China at that time

according to public information, Huaqiang Plastic mainly produces plastic packaging bags, with more than 20000 employees, an annual output of 250000 tons and an annual output value of 2.2 billion yuan. Its products account for about 50% of the national market and 70% of some provinces and cities. Its scale has ranked first in the industry for 11 consecutive years, from August to November 2018

at that time, the plastic bags of Henan Huaqiang could mainly produce high-purity aluminum and alloy products with purity of 99.95% - 99.9995%. The equipment and process technology reached the international leading level and were sold to major domestic farmers' markets. If according to the new regulations, most products were unqualified products

Chongqing enterprises took the opportunity to copy the bottom

before the plastic limit order, there were too many plastic bag production enterprises across the country, which were small and disorderly. If you sell a pig, you can buy a piece of equipment to produce it. Zhou jiushou, general manager of MediaTek, said. After the plastic restriction order, the industry has been reshuffled

according to statistics, there were about 300 plastic bag production enterprises of a certain scale in our city at that time. Faced with this paper plastic restriction order, some people were happy and some worried

Lianfa plastic, the largest plastic products enterprise in our city, was one of the drafters of the domestic plastic restriction order standards at that time. For the new standards stipulated in the plastic restriction order, Lianfa and other domestic enterprises took the lead in obtaining and passing the relevant national certification

facing the new standards, some enterprises in our city complain that the new standards are too strict, because producing according to the new standards means replacing all production equipment; Some enterprises with insufficient strength still have a fluke mentality. If they can't, they have to choose to quit

just when some domestic enterprises chose to withdraw, some plastic bag enterprises in our city, driven by Lianfa, began to replace equipment and re produce according to relevant standards. With the withdrawal of some coastal enterprises, Lianfa also acquired a large-scale plastic products enterprise in Guangzhou, taking the opportunity to copy the bottom and seize the coastal market

Chongqing plastic bags dominated the country

before, it was possible to obtain ideal data from other places. Plastic bags in shopping malls were provided by local plastic bag enterprises. We had no news, and we didn't know that shopping malls were determined by suppliers in the form of investment invitation. Three years ago, Lianfa began to participate in the investment attraction of Dalian lock stores. Because Lianfa plastics is in the mainland, it has the advantages of lower industrial power costs and lower labor costs than coastal areas

for the northern markets such as Beijing and Shanghai and the central markets such as Wuhan, the transportation costs of coastal enterprises and Chongqing enterprises are similar. Therefore, the superposition of various advantages makes Chongqing Lianfa quickly become a partner of major supermarkets

at present, in addition to local stores, domestic stores include international giants such as Wal Mart and Carrefour, as well as Chengdu ITO Yokado, people's shopping mall, domestic super 1. Nearly 200 large chain stores such as China Resources Vanguard, the first brother of Liji City, Shenzhen PARKnSHOP, Auchan, and Hong Kong Watson's, which are tested according to the experimental machine, all use plastic bags produced by Chongqing Lianfa

in the national plastic bag industry, it can be said that we have taken the lead. Zhou jiushou, general manager of Lianfa plastics, the largest plastic products enterprise in our city, said confidently. Last year, the national standard for plastic garbage bags was implemented, and Lianfa was also one of the four national standard drafting units

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