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Plastic beer bottles replacing glass is the development trend of beer packaging

beer packaging in the future will no longer be dominated by glass bottles and aluminum cans. Nowadays, people are tired of the bulkiness of glass bottles, and personal injuries caused by the explosion of beer bottles are common. Therefore, the demand for new beer packaging in the consumer market is very urgent

in order to meet the consumption trend, countries around the world are committed to the development of new beer packaging, and a plastic beer bottle that can replace glass bottles has been successfully developed. Because plastic beer bottles with coding control feedback have many advantages, such as light weight, high strength, good toughness, not easy to break, easy to make various specifications and shapes, beer is different from ordinary carbonated beverages, it is easy to oxidize, so the barrier performance of containers is very strict

how to improve the barrier performance of materials and maintain the manufacturing cost with industrialization as the goal within an acceptable range with unparalleled advantages has become a key issue in the development and production of plastic beer bottles

source of information: China's food industry

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