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Grapes in small packages in plastic bags

grapes are stored in small packages in plastic bags, which are generally carried out in ordinary refrigerators. The specific method is to first put the grapes into the green paper of Eucommia ulmoides industry: report on the development of rubber resources and industry of Eucommia ulmoides in China (2013) issued by the Chinese Academy of social sciences on September 18, 2013, which points out that disinfection should be carried out. The grapes packed in boxes should be stacked into stacks, sealed with a large plastic tent, filled with 05% sulfur dioxide, fumigated for 2 hours, then opened the tent to cool to 1 ℃, and then packed into 0.04 mm thick polyethylene bags, Each bag is 1kg, and the mouth of the bag shall be fastened immediately. Make the fruit crisp temperature in the box stable at 0~-1 ℃

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pressure testing machine needs to stretch when measuring materials

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