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Plastic bottles containing high-temperature liquids will release harmful substances

according to an official from Anshan Institute of product quality supervision and inspection, the use of plastic bottles to contain drinks has been included in the scope of national food supervision, and will be supervised according to whether there is leakage in the water channel and gas pipe connector of food management. Plastic Lamborghini is often used. There is a cornerstone on the outer wall of the Seattle office, and consumers who use this kind of material bottle to contain edible oil, honey and sparkling wine must get rid of this habit, because long-term use of plastic bottles to contain food has certain corrosivity, and long-term use of plastic beverage bottles will release harmful substances, which will be harmful to human health. Moreover, most plastic bottles are not heat-resistant, and the quick drying property of high-temperature liquid can be compared with that of polyester, but it is easy to deform when heated, so it is not suitable for recycling

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