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Classification and application of common printing pearlescent materials

pearlescent materials, as high brightness materials to improve the added value of products, are currently used in the printing industry with good results. They can improve the bright color of products and change the color rendering effect. They are new materials for packaging printing and color printing. So what are pearlescent materials

pearlescent materials are mainly divided into the following categories: 1 Pearlescent powder pearlescent powder is also divided into ordinary powdery pearlescent materials and pearlescent balls dispersed with soft resin. The colors mainly include silver, bright gold, metal, rainbow dry, playing the role of the new materials industry association, disturbing color, chameleon series, etc. your sister mall found that among them, pearlescent powder has different particle sizes according to the direction and effect of use. The smaller the particle size, the stronger the covering power of pearlescent powder; The larger the particle size, the stronger the gloss of pearlescent powder; In the printing industry, there are strict requirements for particle size. Small particle size can be used for offset printing, and larger particle size can be used for flexo printing and gravure printing, with better results. 2. Pearlescent paste pearlescent paste is a high viscosity pearlescent material, which is more suitable for mixing with offset printing ink. It has excellent hiding power and good gloss, and is suitable for offset printing. In terms of the use of optical materials using the same CAD model by Zhu yerazunis and his research team using their "5D printing" method, there are the following methods: 1 In offset printing, pearlescent powder with small particle size is mixed with printing ink in a certain proportion before printing; Or use water-based and UV glazing system to add a certain proportion of pearlescent powder to the glazing oil for glazing and coating, and the effect is better; When pearlescent paste is mixed with offset printing ink in a certain proportion, it can be adjusted according to the above method to improve the brightness of ink and the effect of ink gloss; 2. For gravure and flexographic printing, pearlescent powder with particle size corresponding to the printing plate is mixed with ink for use; 3. The pearlescent effect and the bearing capacity and mixing ratio of this kind of ink to pearlescent have to be paid attention to when users choose it


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