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Classification and application of motion controller

(1) according to the classification of controlled objects

according to the different applications of controlled objects, it can be divided into stepper motor motion controller, servo motor motion controller and motion controller that can control both stepper motor and AC servo motor

(2) classification by structure

Motion Controller Based on computer standard bus

Motion Controller Based on bus is realized by using computer hardware and operating system, combined with the motion control application program developed by users, and has high-speed data processing ability. The bus forms mainly include ISA interface, PCI interface, VME interface, RS232 interface and USB interface. Most of these motion controllers use DSP or microcomputer chip as CPU, which can complete the standardized general interface functions between motion planning, high-speed real-time interpolation, servo filter control and servo drive, and external io. At the same time, the controller also provides powerful motion control software library, C language motion function library, windows DLL Dynamic link library, etc., which can be used by users to develop application software under DOS or windows platforms according to different needs, Form various control systems

for example, the PMAC multi axis motion controller of deltatau company in the United States uses the high-performance digital signal processor dsp5600x of Motorola Company as the CPU, which can control up to 8 axes at the same time, and complete various functions together with various types of hosts, amplifiers, motors and sensors. The trio motion control card of British avord company, GT series motion controller products of Gu hi tech (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Ni series motion controller of American NI company are all such products

from the perspective of users, the differences between these PC based motion controllers are mainly hardware interfaces (types and performance of input and output signals) and software interfaces (function functions of motion control function library)

soft open motion controller

Bian Xinchao, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Haizheng biomaterials Co., Ltd.: "Our project has a production capacity of 15000 tons from the laboratory to now.

based on the soft open motion controller, it provides users with great flexibility. Its motion control software is all installed in the computer, and the hardware part is only the standardized general interface between the computer and servo driver and external IO, just as the computer can be installed with various brands of sound cards, CDROMs and corresponding drivers, and has stable sealing quality programs Same. With the support of Windows platform and other operating systems, users can use the open motion control kernel to develop the required control functions and form various types of high-performance motion control systems, so as to provide users with more choices and flexibility

the typical products of this controller are open CNC of American mdsi company and German PA (improper disassembly of power automation will cause changes in pendulum torque and impact center position;) Pa8000nt of the company, network-based motion controller of American soft servo company and go series motion controller products of domestic Gu High Tech Co., Ltd. Soft open motion control is characterized by relatively low development and manufacturing costs, which can give system integrators and developers a more personalized development platform. The price of such products is generally lower than that of foreign products, but there is also a certain gap in technical performance

motion controller with embedded structure

this kind of motion controller is a product that embeds the computer into the motion controller, and it can run independently. The communication between motion controller and computer still depends on computer bus, which is essentially a variant of motion controller based on bus structure. In use, field network communication interfaces such as industrial Ethernet, RS485, SERCOS, PROFIBUS, etc. are used to connect the superior computer or control panel. The embedded motion controller can also be configured with floppy disk and hard disk drive, and even remote diagnosis can be carried out through the Internet, such as the smartcontroller of adept company in the United States, Gu embedded motion control platform series products of Gu high tech company, etc

(3) classification according to the nature of the controlled quantity and motion control mode

the control forms of motion controller applications are:

point position motion control

that is, there are only requirements for the end position, which is irrelevant to the intermediate process of motion, that is, the motion is generally the trajectory of the tensile testing machine. The corresponding motion controller requires fast positioning speed, and different acceleration and deceleration control strategies are adopted in the acceleration and deceleration stages of motion. When accelerating, in order to make the system quickly accelerate to the set speed, the system gain and acceleration are often increased, and the control strategy of S-curve deceleration is adopted at the end of deceleration. In order to prevent the vibration after the system is in place, the gain of the system will be appropriately reduced after the planning is in place. Therefore, the point motion controller often has the ability of variable control parameters and variable acceleration and deceleration curve

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