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Plastic bottles can be used as paint raw materials, and the cost of environmental protection is lower.

recently, a product called haoqishi ready mixed paint of Three Gorges paint Co., Ltd. won the second prize of Chongqing excellent new product award from 2011 to 2012. The two basic raw materials of this paint are water and plastic bottles. Wei Xuefeng, the chief engineer, said that the successful development of haoqishi means that the paint making process of using plastic as the basic raw material instead of organic solvent for paint in the Three Gorges project has achieved initial success. One fixture is stationary, and the cost of haoqishi using this process has decreased by about 20% compared with other products of the same grade

new paint making process

plastic bottle becomes paint material

how does plastic bottle become paint? According to Wei Xuefeng, first of all, the plastic bottle needs to be made into polyester chips, and then put into the synthesis equipment to process and synthesize 909 resin, which is mixed with 906 resin synthesized from petroleum cracking waste according to a certain proportion. Next, it is applied with water emulsification technology and water dispersion process, and after adding recycled polyester chips, y additives and other materials, the plastic bottle, which was originally a garbage role, has become a color paint for decorating the world. Wei Xuefeng revealed that it took a whole year to develop this new process of paint in the Three Gorges Project

the water emulsification technology used in the production of this paint is also the latest technology of Three Gorges paint. "In the traditional paint making process, the commonly used solvents are benzene, toluene and xylene, and the raw materials of these three organic solvents are petroleum and toxic chemical raw materials. Water emulsification technology realizes the replacement of some organic solvents with water." Wei Xuefeng said that this paint making process fills the technical gap of domestic paint making process and is a new breakthrough. The process has passed the Chongqing Municipal Technical Appraisal in December, 2011, and has filed a patent application, which is expected to be approved in the near future

Wei Xuefeng introduced that due to the use of water emulsification technology, the content of volatile organic solvents in haoqishi ready mixed paint decreased from 500g/l to 250g/l, greatly reducing the demand for organic solvents

cost reduction by 20%

sold more than 60 million a year

at the beginning of 2012, haoqishi ready mixed paint was officially put into production. One year later, the good economic effect of this new process on the paint of the Three Gorges is also immediate

"the traditional raw materials for paint making are generally petroleum leftovers, soybean oil and resin, while the new process uses water emulsification technology, plastic bottles and special water as raw materials, and the cost of paint making is about 20% lower than that of the traditional process." Wei Xuefeng said that while reducing costs, the new process also reduces the use of non renewable resources and develops the value of waste plastic bottles, which can be said to be a green economy

Wei Xuefeng said that due to the greatly reduced cost, the price in the market is also cheaper than other products with the same performance, and the product has been highly recognized by the market. In the first year of production, haoqishi ready mixed paint brought a sales revenue of 62.38 million yuan to the Three Gorges paint, realized a profit of 11.7 million yuan, completed a tax of 3.42 million yuan, and the profit and tax rate reached 24.24%

in addition, in addition to the practical economic benefits, haoqishi ready mixed paint significantly reduces the use of organic substances and has a significant effect in reducing environmental pollution

the integration of automobile enterprises and material enterprises is not enough

two lines of research and development

in the future, it will continue to "inject water"

in fact, in addition to the research and development of the green process of haoqishi ready mixed paint, Three Gorges paint has made breakthroughs in many aspects and achieved green development

According to Wei Xuefeng, 910 alkyd resin was developed by the Three Gorges paint in 2010, which replaced tung oil, which is scarce and expensive, and achieved cost savings of 7.5 million yuan throughout the year. In 2011, Three Gorges paint developed a substitute for rosin, which was also expensive, saving 9.2 million yuan. In 2012, the Three Gorges paint improved its process by using environmentally friendly and low-cost solvents such as dimethyl carbonate and SEC butyl ester to replace 200# solvent oil and benzene solvents, saving 9.87 million yuan in costs throughout the year

"next, the Three Gorges paint will also develop water solvents. At present, China does not have relevant standards specifically for plastic shopping bags, so as to gradually increase the content of water in solvents and minimize the use of organic solvents." Wei Xuefeng said that the Three Gorges paint will take Chongqing enterprise technology center and Chongqing anti-corrosion coating engineering center as the platform, strengthen the combination of "production, learning and research", and focus on the two main lines of "technical transformation and industrial upgrading of existing products with new materials, new technologies and new processes" and "research and development of new products with energy conservation, environmental protection, low pollution and high performance"

Wei Xuefeng introduced that the thickness of tensile and zigzag samples should be the thickness of steel. Among the 850 employees of Three Gorges paint, more than 240 are talents in the field of technology research and development. The annual investment of Three Gorges paint in the field of technology research and development accounts for 2% - 3% of sales. Thanks to its steady technical strength, Sanxia paint has become a long-term partner of China Nuclear Power Group and the only one in the domestic paint and coating industry. At the same time, the Three Gorges paint has also obtained the opportunity to participate in the docking project of "Tiangong-1" and "Shenjiu"

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