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According to Australian reports, in order to better protect the environment and related industries, Melbourne councils at all levels in Australia recently planned to make changes to some policies, including whether local councils would consider continuing the plastic bag recycling policy and setting up another non-smoking area

continue to recycle plastic bags

it is reported that the Melbourne local council in Australia is considering whether to continue the plastic bag recycling policy recently. This policy was introduced in 2016 and was first implemented by four local councils in Victoria in 2017. According to this policy, about 500000 Victorians can collect plastic bags and other soft plastic packages and put them into garbage bins, focusing on the production of non food bio based fiber raw materials

however, nilumbik and other four local councils said in a statement: "based on the data we have collected in the past 18 months and the current challenges faced by the waste recycling industry in Victoria, we need to reconsider the plastic bag recycling policy."

Peter schmiger, CEO of the Australian recycling Commission, said: "in waste treatment plants, soft plastics are difficult to sort out, and the cost is very high. If they are mixed with other recycled waste, it is easy to cause cross pollution, especially when mixed with 1. Paper waste in practical operations."

it is understood that the Victoria local council will meet with the urban waste treatment and resource recycling organization on May 3 to discuss whether to continue this plastic bag recycling service

Melbourne shopping street may set up a non-smoking area

it is reported that the Melbourne City Council is seeking public support to set up a non-smoking area in the shopping area between Elizabeth Street and Russell Square due to the 3 yuan NCM and NCA. The report pointed out that the proposed no smoking area may become one of the largest and busiest areas to implement the no smoking policy

it is reported that the smoking ban project of Melbourne City Council was launched in 2013, and a six-month trial was first carried out in the shopping and food street in Causeway area. In September, 2018, Fulham square and Collins Avenue in Melbourne CBD block were also included in the urban clean air list

Council data show that 75% of merchants and 82% of the public support these areas to become non-smoking areas. Residents and staff need to submit feedback to the parliament on May 21, which will decide whether the parliament will formulate a final proposal on this matter and hold a formal vote

in response, Melbourne councilor Beverly pander said: "the Council will be committed to helping people stay away from the risk of passive smoking."

he said, "every year, about 4000 Victorians die of diseases caused by smoking. In addition, this directly increases the cost of health care in Victoria, resulting in a reduction in productivity and a loss of more than 2billion Australian dollars. We will also talk with enterprises with increasingly reasonable layout of the shadow space during the consultation period."

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