The hottest plastic bag is out of favor globally,

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Recently, the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Environmental Protection Regulations (Revised Draft) issued by the Legislative Affairs Office of the Shenzhen municipal government to solicit opinions from citizens stipulates that a system of paid use of plastic shopping bags by consumers will be implemented in Shenzhen, where operators provide free plastic bags to consumers, or businesses that do not provide reusable environmental shopping bags or shopping baskets, Will face a fine of more than 5000 yuan and less than 50000 gb/t 5267.2 ⑵ 002 yuan for non electrolytic zinc sheet coating of fasteners

the total growth rate of all kinds of transmissions is about 7%. Relevant experts said that Shenzhen's attempt to use plastic bags for compensation is an innovation for the previous idea of emphasizing consumer education. Through the role of economic leverage, it spreads the cost of plastic bags into consumers' shopping behavior, which will effectively reduce the use of plastic bags. When consumers are distressed about the money spent on using plastic bags, the cost of environmental protection will enter the vision of more people

at the same time, many countries in the world have begun to deal with plastic bags one after another. In the process of implementation, they make good use of economic levers to encourage and guide businesses and consumers. Their experience is worth learning

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