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Seasoning in plastic barrels is harmful. Be careful about the use of materials.

in life, plastic barrels are widely used, and many containers of edible oil and seasoning are plastic. However, some experts pointed out that long-term use of plastic barrels as containers will cause harm to human body. The use of plastic barrels also needs to see the material and use it carefully

dongjinshi, Secretary General of the International Food Packaging Association, said that most of the oil barrels of domestic edible oil are made of LDPE, pet and PP materials, which are nationally recognized food packaging materials, and there is no harm in normal use

however, Dong Jinshi also stressed that if edible oil, vinegar and wine are stored in plastic barrels for a long time, low molecular substances, catalysts, heavy metals and additives in plastic barrels will be dissolved by oil, vinegar and wine and enter the edible oil, vinegar and wine. Long term use of such edible oil, vinegar and wine will cause harm to human body. As for the long-term storage period, Dong Jinshi believes that it is the shelf life of the contents. If it exceeds the shelf life, it is best not to eat it

in addition, the plastic bucket has certain air permeability. When it is used to hold wine, vinegar and soy sauce, the time should not be too long, otherwise the food flavor will fall, so a variety of fixtures can be selected and extensive utilization experience is very important Excellent software and hardware, electronic universal testing machine adopts brand design, which will not rust and cause bacteria to nourish the computer

repeated use of plastic bottles is harmful

in addition, Dong Jinshi reminded the public that it is best not to reuse the used oil barrels, vinegar barrels and wine barrels, because these plastic barrels are disposable, and the plastic will age over time, and the low molecular substances in the plastic will be easier to separate out. These small molecules cannot be absorbed by our body, and long-term accumulation will cause damage to the liver and affect human immunity

Hao Fengtong, chief physician of the Department of occupational disease and poisoning medicine of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, told the author that long-term consumption of plastic contaminated food will cause dizziness, headache, nausea, anorexia, memory loss and other symptoms, and even anemia in severe cases. Professor lishuguang of Tongji University School of Basic Medicine found in a test in 2006 that when edible oil is packed in plastic barrels, plasticizers harmful to human body will be dissolved in the edible oil. Plasticizers have certain toxic effects on human reproductive system, and are more toxic to men. However, because the toxic effect of plasticizers is chronic and difficult to detect, it has attracted the attention of experts at home and abroad only after its widespread existence for more than ten years

Professor Yuan Huilin, School of materials science and engineering, Beijing University of chemical technology, told the author that pet and other materials are basically used in plastic bottled edible oil, rice vinegar and soy sauce in the current market, and the safety should be guaranteed. However, it does not rule out that there are recycled plastic barrels on the market. In order to reduce costs, some small soy sauce and rice vinegar manufacturers may use unqualified plastic packaging. Consumers should be cautious about the products produced by these small manufacturers. When purchasing goods packed in plastic barrels, pay attention to the QS mark on the product package, which indicates that the product has a production license and meets the basic requirements of product quality and safety

glass bottles can be replaced by plastic bottles

"if the cost is not considered, only from the perspective of safety, glass bottles are an ideal substitute for plastic barrels." Dong Jinshi said

is it possible to replace plastic bottles with glass bottles or cans? A person in charge of a peanut oil enterprise said that the enterprise has also used iron cans for packaging, but on the one hand, the cost is too high, on the other hand, iron cans may also have oxidation and other reactions, and consumers generally reflect that iron cans are inconvenient to use. The edible oil production enterprises also believe that the use of glass bottles not only increases the cost of enterprises, but also brings inconvenience to transportation

facing the reality that plastic barrels cannot be replaced, Dong Jinshi suggested that citizens should try to avoid the harm of plastic barrels to human body. First of all, when buying the above-mentioned plastic h plus 0 - free arc high material barreled goods before the third loading and unloading, don't try to be cheap and convenient to buy large packages, but try to choose small packages of goods that are close to the production date, so as to avoid the problem that they can't eat and store for a long time. In addition, try not to buy goods with high transparency in plastic barrels, because they may deteriorate due to high temperature after being exposed to the sun during transportation

Dong Jinshi also suggested that if you buy goods in barrels, you can pour them into glassware to prevent harm to human body. In addition, oil pots should not be placed on the stove for a long time to avoid harmful substances released by heating edible oil or plastic oil pots

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