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Plastic beads are listed as toxic substances that pollute the environment

it is understood that in order to prevent the environment of the Great Lakes region from being damaged, the Canadian Parliament announced that plastic beads are listed as toxic substances. 1. The photoelectric encoder transmits the measured speed signal to the spindle speed measurement control system and the spindle speed measurement display system. The Canadian Parliament adopted the proposal of Senator meganleslie, which pointed out that plastic beads in consumer goods will have a great impact on the environment, and the government needs to take immediate measures to include plastic beads in the list of toxic substances

consumers also expressed the hope that manufacturers of personal care products can pay more attention to environmental protection and social development. Since there are plastic bead substitutes, glass fiber has been the main choice of reinforcement materials for a long time. Do not add this kind of material to cosmetics and personal care products. The past manual hydraulic testing machine has dominated the world. Due to the small size and light weight of plastic beads, they cannot be removed by sewage treatment plants, and there are no good measures to remove this substance in the environment at present, so the simplest way is not to discharge this substance into the environment

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