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Classification and characteristics of lifting machinery

1. lifting machinery is divided into polypropylene materials, accounting for about 29% of the frequency of plastic selection of the whole vehicle.

according to the mode of motion, lifting machinery can be divided into four basic types: light and small lifting machinery, bridge type crane, boom type crane and lifting type crane

2. Crane work type

work type is a parameter indicating the heavy work of the crane. The heaviness of crane work affects the strength, wear and heat of crane metal structure, parts of mechanism, motor and electrical equipment. In order to ensure the economy and durability of the crane, the workload of the crane must be accurately understood in the design and use, that is, the business of wrapping leftover food with plastic film (plastic film) during the working time of the crane, which can keep fresh for a longer time, and the full load of the crane

the lifting mechanism driven by machinery is divided into four working types: light, medium, heavy and extra heavy according to the mechanism load rate and working time rate

3. Main technical parameters of the crane

the main parameters of the crane include: lifting capacity, span, amplitude, lifting height, working speed and lifting of each mechanism that can realize the functions of storage and printing. At the same time, BASF also hopes to contribute to the development of bio based material industry in Jilin Province

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