The hottest plastic bag kills 100000 marine animal

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Plastic bags kill 100000 marine animals every year

when it comes to American supermarkets, the most troublesome thing for me is to use convenience bags at the export checkout

usually, before I touch my wallet, I hear a rather rhyming question: paper bag or plastic bag? How about plastic bags? As soon as I turned around, I found that the bought things had been put into large and small plastic bags. Somehow, sometimes the bags were covered with double layers. After sorting the goods and paying the money, the supermarket export assistant asked me if I needed help to deliver the things I bought to the car. All this is cumbersome and rubbish for me

in fact, I have refused to use plastic bags or paper bags and replaced them with reusable bags and canvas bags that break through the traditional installation service mode. Sometimes, however, the supermarket staff are too agile, so I have to take out the newly loaded things from the plastic bag and put them into the canvas bag. At this time, I felt a little guilty that I had destroyed their bagging work. They are skilled in bagging and fully meet the standards of the American Grocery Store Association (NGA), which holds a competition every year to select the best bagger in the country

I think we should relax the market access law and prohibit the use of plastic bags. But friends are very unhappy about this. Domestic sensors are cheaper. I think the United States should follow the practice of South Africa, Taiwan, Paris and Ireland to charge for plastic bags. This can reduce the utilization rate of plastic bags by 90%

I was glad to learn that San Francisco became the first city in the United States to ban supermarkets and large stores from using non recyclable plastic bags. This made the west coast of the United States the front line of the green movement for which the result was described. The San Francisco City Council passed a new bill with 10 votes in favor and 1 vote against, requiring all large markets to replace all plastic bags with biodegradable plastic bags within half a year to one year. According to the regulations on reducing the use of plastic bags, violators will face a fine of $500. The San Francisco City Council said that there are 19billion plastic bags used in California every year, and 552 plastic bags are used per capita every year. Most plastic bags are eventually buried underground or abandoned in the sea, posing a great harm to marine life

in many western cities, a big problem in life is that domestic garbage is constantly coming out. Drive to Starbucks for a cup of coffee, and the cup can be used at will; Go to the supermarket to buy things, three layers inside and three layers outside are wrapped in plastic bags, which are soon thrown into the dustbin. The more you spend, the more you throw. Why not use oneortwo stronger canvas bags instead of the 552 plastic bags? You just need to remember to bring a canvas bag when you go to the supermarket

the following is a set of amazing data about plastic bags in food supermarkets: 400billion plastic bags are used every year in the world! Plastic bag recovery rate: 1%! Plastic bags kill marine animals every year: 100000! Marine plastic floating debris coverage: 46000 pieces/square mile

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