The hottest plastic bottle emits harmful substance

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Plastic bottles emit harmful substances after exposure to the sun

"plastic bottles emit harmful substances after exposure to the sun." Recently, liuruliang, a senior doctor, talked about the harm of bottled water and snacks packaged with holes on the plate sample placed in the car for a long time. He said that the weather in summer is hot, and the temperature inside the car tends to reach more than 60 degrees Celsius after exposure, and harmful substances may melt into the water. The survey found that more than 70% of car owners will place bottled water or gum in the trunk or cab

citizen pan Weiping always likes to put a box of mineral water in his car. "Sometimes you can use it for business trips, playing basketball and traveling. As for the harm, I really haven't thought about it. After all, this habit has been used for more than ten years." Pan Weiping said. It was found that most car owners like to put a box of bottled drinking water in the trunk, and the storage period is generally more than one month. Liu Ruliang said that in recent years, China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased their efforts to open up emerging markets for extruders. It is a taboo to place water under high temperature, especially in the carriage. The temperature of ordinary cars may reach more than 60 degrees Celsius in half an hour of sunlight. At this time, you can also use Rockwell or surface Rockwell hardness tester to test the hardness of the inner wall of the pipe. The plastic structure of the bottle body will change, and harmful substances may be emitted on both sides. What is in the bottle will be emitted into the water, and what is outside the bottle will be emitted into the air in the car. In addition, many car owners are "popular" to put bottled gum, boxed mints and other snacks in the storage compartment in the cab

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