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Plastic bags face the test of EU tariff barriers

recently, a person familiar with the matter said that the EU plans to raise the tariff on plastic bags imported from China from the current 6.5% to 15.2%. Hearing this news, many plastic bag manufacturers in China are restless. As early as June 30 last year, the European Union issued an anti-dumping investigation on plastic bags originating in China, involving Chinese enterprises of about US $310million

this news can be said that the investigation results have finally revealed the tip of the iceberg. Since the United States imposed high tariffs on plastic bags imported from China in 2004, China has lost a large area of the U.S. market. If it loses the EU market again, the heavy losses will be self-evident

EU attitude has changed several times

last June, the EU launched an anti-dumping investigation on plastic bags produced in China. On July 20 last year, the European Commission issued a notice to select 10 plastic bag enterprises in China for on-site inspection. After that, the EU inspected Weifang Lefu, Shanghai saide and other enterprises on the spot. Later, EU media reported that in view of the investigation launched by the EU trade envoy in mid-2005, EU officials tended not to restrict the import of plastic bags from China and other Asian countries. At that time, European retailers also said that the government should not protect the uncompetitive local plastic bag manufacturing industry. Observers believe that this is a signal that EU officials are trying to weigh internal pressure and trade relations with Beijing

however, the relevant person from the Department of fair trade of the Ministry of Commerce confirmed to me that the final ruling that the EU will impose tariffs on plastic bags imported from China has been disclosed and is currently seeking opinions. The official results will not come out until August this year

it can be seen that the EU's attitude is changing along the main line of "anti-dumping allegations - filing investigations - on-the-spot inspections - preference for unrestricted imports - planned collection of 15.2% and resistance to high and low temperatures, which is generally difficult to design% tariffs". If the EU wanted to "compromise" China's plastic industry at that time, then the sudden change of attitude may be as some reports said - the EU will put pressure on China to give more market access to European banks and construction friction sub plate lifting system enterprises

enterprises have different destinies

it is understood that in 2005, the European Commission selected the top 10 Chinese enterprises as the object of on-site verification based on the ranking of export volume during the survey period (January to December 2004). These enterprises are located in Guangdong, Shandong and Jiangsu

Cong Hailiang, general manager of Weifang Lefu plastic products Co., Ltd., told that a total of 9 of the 10 Chinese enterprises, including Lefu company, that were subject to on-site verification at that time had obtained market economy status. In 2005, Changle County exported US $80million of plastic bags to the European Union, accounting for 20% of the country's plastic bag exports to the European Union. The 10 enterprises verified should be the mainstay of plastic bag export

and gaining market economy status does not mean that the 15.2% tariff directive will be a piece of waste paper. Cong Hailiang told that enterprises that have achieved "market economy status" will receive a relatively low dumping tax rate. Enterprises without "market economy status" will encounter higher tax rates compared with third countries. Enterprises that have not participated in the on-site verification will apply the weighted average of the tax rates of these 10 enterprises. In other words, enterprises that have obtained market economy status can reduce losses on tariff penalties due to different "calculation methods"

liuxinyuan, chairman of Weifang Lefu plastic products Co., Ltd., said that European importers said that as long as the dumping tax rate was not more than 10%, it was acceptable. If it is less than 2%, it can be ignored. It is understood that recently, many new EU customers have contacted Lok Fu and expressed their willingness to cooperate in business

Qixueyong, director of the World Trade Department of Shandong Provincial Department of foreign trade and economic cooperation, said: "enterprises that win anti-dumping lawsuits will usher in a 'second take-off'. In fact, anti-dumping itself is a process of survival of the fittest."

according to the introduction, in the final anti-dumping decision of the United States against China's plastic bags, except Shenzhen Henglong (0.2%) and Nantong Huasheng (2.29%) received low tax rates, the tax rates of other enterprises were above 23%%. As raw materials account for the vast majority of the cost of plastic bags, pre molding is the next step in this automated production line. After the anti-dumping battle in the United States, enterprises outside Hang Lung and Huasheng are under pressure and can hardly export to the United States

there are thousands of plastic enterprises involved in this case, and only a few enterprises with market economy status can get low tax rates, and some enterprises may suffer a fatal blow

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