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Emerson introduces a digital valve controller with connectionless contactless feedback technology

Emerson Process Management extends FIELDVUE S482; Dvc6200 series digital valve controller with connectionless and contactless feedback technology is added to the instrument product line. FIELDVUE dvc6200 instrument is specially designed for applications with strong vibration, serious corrosion or material entrainment. This connectionless, contactless feedback technology improves reliability by eliminating the wear of the connection, but the weight is only equivalent to that of an SUV

fieldvue dvc6200 instrument has passed the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test, conforms to IEC standards, and is transported with CE mark. It can be compatible with HART protocol or foundation fieldbus communication protocol

auspicious mining services used the new equipment. LEGO officials had previously said that it was too big for its plant on kulagong Island, New South Wales, Australia. Auspicious is a leading supplier of commercial explosives and explosion systems for the mining and construction pneumatic and acoustic UHF industries, and a long-term user of Emerson Process management products. Aurika plant, located on kulagang Island, is the second largest manufacturer of ammonium nitrate in the world

Fisher valves equipped with FIELDVUE instruments are uniformly used in aurika factory on kulaguan island. The factory also uses Emerson's 375 field communicator and is equipped with valvelink S482; SNAP-ON S482; AMS S482 of application software; The equipment manager is used as a calibration, valve monitoring and pre maintenance system

auspicious employees discussed with the local Emerson office to improve the performance of Fisher valves under liquid ammonia conditions. The high cycle service condition of the valve and the liquid ammonia environment are one of the most severe working conditions in all process plants. Emerson engineers recommend using the new Fisher FIELDVUE dvc6200 instrument with connectionless and contactless feedback technology in this severe working condition clock

Richard Fielding, an instrument technician of auspicious, can install the new FIELDVUE dvc6200 instrument on the valve under liquid ammonia working condition by using basic manual tools. The device is easy to install, set up and start. He said that it has been operating normally, ensuring that this key valve can provide accurate and repeated feedback throughout the whole stroke range

fielding said he appreciated Emerson's continuous investment in technology and product improvement. The reliability of FIELDVUE dvc6200 instrument and its monitoring ability enable us operators to avoid manual inspection and valve maintenance in places full of rich amine gas

since the installation of this equipment, aoruikai has not experienced any production loss caused by valve failure. The application of this instrument alone has saved us thousands of dollars. Fielding said

auspicious will also carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation. It plans to order another 30 Fisher valves equipped with FIELDVUE dvc6200 instruments to upgrade its liquid ammonia plant on kulaguan island

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