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Emerson introduces CSI 9800 portable infrared thermal imager

Emerson Process Management Asset Optimization department introduces a new member of the infrared thermal imaging system - csi9800 portable infrared thermal imager. This portable infrared thermal imager has the following advantages:

* easy to use

csi9800 ultra intuitive user interface, one click navigation control and graphical menu management = pick up the thermal imager and quickly become a professional, Start shooting a lot of thermal images

* humanistic design

when you master it for the first time, you will feel the outstanding progress of csi9800 in ergonomic design, with comfort and applicability as its main performance

* comprehensive functions

with advanced analysis tool settings, convenient data entry features and many current and future optional functions, the low-cost csi9800 has become a high-end infrared thermal imaging system

* rugged

csi9800 has product test certification that withstands extreme impact and vibration. Its construction material is lexanexl1414 super strong engineering plastic that will not break

* ultra light weight

csi9800 weight (including battery) is only 1.9 pounds (0.86 kg), so it is difficult to find other such lightweight high-end infrared thermal imaging systems in today's industrial field

* long term battery

csi9800 adopts the standard lithium-ion rechargeable battery available in the market, and the service time can be up to 4 hours after each charge

the new generation of infrared thermal imager can be used to manufacture compressor blades with silicon carbide fiber reinforced Qin alloy matrix composites

csi9800 mechanical state thermal imager is a new maintenance of oil source: regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the host and oil source. It is an infrared thermal imager of local level, which is simple to use, comfortable to grasp, and excellent image quality. Based on the design feedback of hundreds of infrared thermal imagers, csi9800 integrates a number of innovative achievements, weighing only 1.9 pounds (0.86 kg). The ergonomic body and unique "infrared eye" (spherical lens) design will enable you to maintain the comfort of your wrist and the best display angle when shooting targets from the floor, waist or overhead. The electric focusing lens, one touch navigation control and shooting button of the thermal imager make csi9800 a real one handed thermal imager. The rugged handwritten board design and sunlight readable touch screen make on-site detection and reporting extremely simple

csi9800 mechanical state thermal imager provides a series of measuring tools for large oil output of oil return pipe of oil delivery valve, including point selection (5 points), frame selection, contour line and isotherm. The measurement accuracy of csi9800 is +2%, and the maximum temperature measured is 350 ° C. The 12 bit thermal image can be analyzed by thermal imager or computer. Optional components include a 3x telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens, as well as reporting and analysis software

the super intuitive user interface of csi9800 mechanical state thermal imager enables you to be familiar with its operation after picking it up for a few minutes. Csi9800 has a built-in application "pocketir", and its graphical menu management makes almost all controls clear at a glance. The main interface includes infrared image display of the measurement target, battery capacity and sensitive touch function keys

after shooting, only the "ActiveSync" function is needed to transmit the data to the computer, and the "infraalysis" software can be used to integrate the infrared data into the mechanical equipment status management software platform

humanistic design: comfortable display in different positions

floor position: whether you are crouching down to shoot the floor position target or standing to shoot the floor position target by rotating the "infrared eye", csi9800 mechanical state thermal imager can keep you in the most comfortable posture

lumbar position: everyone has different preferences when holding the instrument. The adjustment function of "infrared eye" of csi9800 thermal imager enables you to find the best hand feeling when shooting for the first time

overhead position: when shooting a target higher than the overhead position, the "infrared eye" of csi9800 thermal imager can ensure that you have the best display angle and wrist position

display angle: today's LCD technology optimizes the display angle, and the best display effect can be obtained even under vertical observation

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