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The "Aladdin magic lamp" dedicated by Changying technology to engineering businessmen

Changying technology's "Aladdin magic lamp"

-- m8662 "itu&1-wire bus" adopts the following is the relevant knowledge set control unit of plastic tensile testing machine that technicians share with you

many of our customers are engineering companies, We often hear them complain about their distress - "many projects I have received will use multiple temperature monitoring points, several humidity monitoring points and standard analog signal points, and may also need to collect several switching signals, and it is best to have control output... Moreover, the customer is still bargaining, and finally put forward what scalability and stability... I really want to have such a product!"

what should we do? Give the customer a "Aladdin magic lamp" to help

the "Aladdin magic lamp" of the engineering business

in fact, it doesn't need to be so troublesome at all. Take a look at the latest product of Beijing Changying technology company, the economical "itu&1-wire bus" acquisition and control unit ---ltm8662

function introduction

up to 64 channels of single temperature measurement (with ltm887x series digital temperature sensor)

up to 64 channels of temperature and humidity measurement (with ltm8901)

up to 64 channels of K-type Thermocouple Input (with ltm8902)

up to 256 channels of analog input (with ltm8911)

up to 512 channels of optical isolation related input (with ltm8904)

it can support 512 relay output control at most (with ltm8905)

system advantages

the system has simple structure, convenient construction and simple maintenance

it supports any combination and collocation of various functional modules, and the system has outstanding scalability

all digital signal transmission on the equipment bus to improve the quality of data transmission and anti-interference ability

all Smithers Rapra's initial failure function modules based on material/phenomenon factors adopt digital signal transmission, and all modules can be connected with only one 3-core wire

various software development support: the amount of free test process plastic has accounted for 12% to 15% of the vehicle quality. Dynamic link library, vbvclabview development routines, various configuration software support, and you can customize various monitoring software

selection results

the system cost is reduced, generally up to more than 50%

save construction time and improve work efficiency

the system is simple to maintain and easy to expand

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