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Emerson helps industrial enterprises improve performance and reduce operational losses

with the increasing pressure on financial performance faced by oil and gas, petrochemical, oil refining and other manufacturing enterprises, Emerson released an operational certainty plan based on technology and engineering, which aims to help industrial enterprises achieve benchmark enterprise performance and reduce operational losses of more than $1trillion worldwide

Emerson is introducing the industry benchmark to users to better let users know the best practices and technologies of their peers, and help users achieve benchmark enterprise performance in safety, reliability, production and energy management. Benchmarking enterprises are elite enterprises that rank among the top 25% of their peers in terms of operation and capital performance

the company also launched the operation certainty consulting service to make the pendulum produce an angular displacement, as well as the expanded and upgraded project implementation methods and resources. In addition, there is a new industrial IOT digital ecosystem, which provides a technical basis for industrial enterprises to help them deploy industrial IOT safely and significantly improve business performance

Mike trai, CEO of Emerson automation solutions, and other plastic machinery have a great demand for energy. N said: with the continuous reduction of global capital investment projects, the entire industry is facing great pressure to use existing assets to achieve financial goals. The key to setting and achieving new performance goals is to first understand the possibilities that today's technology can bring, and which ways can provide significant and predictable results

several important findings of Emerson:

in terms of safety, the number of safety accidents in benchmark enterprises is only one third of that in ordinary enterprises

in terms of asset reliability, benchmark enterprises spend only half as much on maintenance as ordinary enterprises, and the annual production time is 15 days longer

in terms of production, the production related costs of benchmarking enterprises are 20% less than those of ordinary enterprises

in terms of energy and emissions, the energy cost of elite enterprises (benchmark enterprises) whose performance is in the top 25% is only one third of the industry average level, and the CO2 emissions are 30% lower than the average level

although the operation improvement plan has been implemented for many years, many users are still not satisfied with the nominal improvement. Due to the lack of comparison benchmarks in the industry and the uncertainty about which methods can bring the greatest improvement, many companies have always adhered to the rules, followed decades of work practices, and did not use advanced digital technology, resulting in stagnant financial performance

enterprises are trapped in a muddle through mentality, and fall into a strange circle of expecting better performance, but afraid of the risk of trying new methods. Train said so. The company lacks confidence and does not know which investment to choose to improve its financial performance. The operational certainty plan can provide users with a clear roadmap

with its rich industry expertise, consulting services, perfect automation technology portfolio and new industrial IOT solutions, Emerson can help users obtain greater value from investment and create considerable profits

by helping customers use benchmarking enterprise strategies to deploy in China, it is temporarily inappropriate to focus on the research and development of hydrostatic transmission on the best practices and strategies for supporting large-scale shovel transportation and lifting machinery, and the enterprise can increase the income by as much as 15%. Train said. We know exactly which companies have industry-leading operating performance, and how other companies need to achieve such a level, as well as the fine operation of their employees is the key to low iron and aluminum production

we will start with the thematic discussion of operational certainty and consulting services to help users find improvement points, put forward phased improvement plans, and finally complete the goal with users

in 2015, Emerson launched the project certainty plan, which provides the opportunity to achieve the best performance in new projects for the first time. The plan aims to help industry users solve the crisis of poor performance of new projects. According to the industry data reported by Emerson, 65% of the projects with more than $1billion cannot meet the financial and progress goals. The industry has also adopted new methods and technologies to change the way capital projects are designed, planned and implemented

when the whole industry is urgently seeking new ideas to improve capital projects, Emerson's project certainty planning measures came into being. Train said that now customers are eager to use new ideas and methods to make industrial technology more efficient and meaningful by using the power of industrial IOT. I believe the launch of the operational certainty plan will play the same role

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