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Emerson participated in the first Jiangsu Banking System IT Technology Symposium

Nanjing, Jiangsu [May 15, 2011] a few days ago, Emerson Network energy, the global leader of Emerson's business brand and key business full assurance TM, was invited to attend the Jiangsu Banking System IT technology symposium held in Nanjing, and met with some IT enterprises and the heads of information departments from dozens of banks in Jiangsu, This paper discusses the application trend of IT technology in financial enterprises and the problems and solutions in information construction. Emerson Network Energy's insight in the construction of data centers in the financial industry, especially its intelligent data center solution, was widely concerned by the participants

at present, as China's finance has made the software out of the laboratory level institutions of its domestic counterparts, the business model is undergoing a comprehensive transition from product centered to customer-centered. The in-depth development and comprehensive utilization of information resources has become the consensus of major banks. In the face of new demands and the current situation of industry development, the construction of data center is particularly critical. It not only concentrates a large amount of important data and promotes financial service innovation, but also provides important help for enterprise management decisions. To build a new generation data center with high reliability and availability, we must first solve the problems of power supply reliability, high heat density heating, intelligent management, energy consumption, capacity expansion and other aspects, so that customers in the financial industry can really focus on their core businesses

as a leading provider of network energy products and solutions in the industry, Emerson Network energy has been paying close attention to the informatization development process of financial institutions. Aiming at the prominent problems in the construction of data centers in the financial industry, Emerson Network energy uses its own technological advantages to solve them one by one. Emerson's intelligent data center solution for the financial industry integrates the company's full range of network energy products, solutions and one-stop services. After arriving at FM, it can be flexibly combined according to the size of the data center, so as to help customers save investment, speed up the construction cycle and improve their core competitiveness. On this basis, the solution provides reliable energy security for key loads with customizable low-voltage distribution systems and UPS power supply systems of different levels, and based on the energy efficiency logic energy-saving strategy, it helps the data center achieve the goal of low-carbon energy conservation with a large number of innovative technologies. At the same time, if the solution is successfully sold, it has the application value of easy management, easy construction and easy maintenance, and can fully meet the strict requirements of the financial industry in terms of reliability, availability, energy conservation and environmental protection

it is understood that based on its strong technical strength and program implementation ability, Emerson's intelligent data center solution for the financial industry has been widely used in key areas of the financial system, such as the clearing center of the people's Bank of China, the information center of the head office of China Construction Bank, and the information center of the Bank of China, which has effectively supported the development of customers' core businesses. The wonderful appearance at the Jiangsu Banking System IT Technology Symposium not only made the solution gain more recognition and support in the industry, but also opened up a broad space for it to further serve the financial industry

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